Monday, 22 July 2013

A history of casting

London 2013

The V&A - Casting Court 

The Casting Courts at the V&A house an extensive collection of plaster cast and electrotype reproductions of architectural details throughout Europe during the nineteenth century. The collection allowed architects and visitors, who were unable to travel, the opportunity to view and sketch from some of europe's great monuments. Since many of the original works have become damaged or lost, the collection has become invaluable and highly significant in its own right. On a visit to the courts I photographed features to study. 

My Work
The pieces displayed in the court were reminiscent of my own concept, that it is vital to preserve history in more than one format. I believe that casting should play a key role in preserving the history of our civilisation. My own work similarly consists of casts taken from original architectural features, many of which are of historical significance. 

Testing time with 'Fusion Glass'
Working with Fusion Glass in London, I was able to expand my knowledge of kiln forming techniques and experiment with new indirect casting methods. I also experimented with sand carving techniques

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