Friday, 21 February 2014

architectural glass design

Kiln cast glass samples for architecture. Alx creations is available to create bespoke pieces of both sculptural and window glass for architects and interior designers. These are just samples of what could be created. Every piece can be tailored to the building or space in which it will be use.The work aims to entrap the story of the building or area within glass and the story therefore, to become part of the fabric of the space. This helps the users create a human connection to a place and its history. This is especially relevant when working on renovation projects and new developments in areas with historical significance.

Let us collect memories

Memories are something we all carry with us. If we can collect a million brilliant memories in our lifetime then we are richer than any amount of money could make us, for when it comes to the end it is not money but memories that we all take with us. 

My work aims to promote this way of thinking and entrap memories within glass. 

These pieces I make are not just beautifully handcrafted glass works but an entire concept, a belief system that encourages a new and more positive outlook on life and its meaning. 

Friday, 14 February 2014

'Remember This'

Alx Creations has a new collection of necklaces encapsulating split second memories in beautiful fused glass.
Each piece is an individual memory frozen in glass for all eternity. 

Monday, 10 February 2014

the mills collection

The mills collection 2014
 - a study of the mills of huddersfield and their importance today-

Alx Creations

Alx Creations, Slaithwaite is now open.

Visitors please call to make an appointment due to health and safety regulations.