Monday, 10 December 2012

Slaithwaite christmas market

Thank you to everyone who supported me at the totally local Slaithwaite christmas market. 

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

'reclaiming our history'

This project is an investigation into the relevance of reclamation in modern design as a way of retaining history. I believe that it is vital to retain a sense of history within design. Too much of what surrounds us now is only temporary and will not withstand the test of time. If we have no emotional connection to the things around us then they become disposable. I aim to create work that will last like the items that they embody. I want to reclaim a sense of narrative within my work by using the reclaimed as a former for my designs. I often use glass to trap the ghosts of our past within my work. I plan to take this concept further and in turn evoke contemplation and add emotional value to my work. Here are a few initial explorations into the concept of containing history within modern design.

Monday, 3 December 2012

'Industrial waste- cog plates and pipe lights'

'Industrial waste- cog plates and pipe lights'

Thousands of tons of industrial waste are desposed of regularly. Within the motor industry there are so many beautifully crafted pieces of metalwork that get discarded. I have scavenged all over cheshire to find the hidden treasures within the motor industries scrap. Taken out of context these items of waste become beutiful industrial works of art.

I use glass to trap a ghost of the items that surround me. The glass brings a level of quality to the pieces and takes them beyond their original form. It also creates new function making something that was once nothing more than scrapable into a functional piece for the home. Both the cog plates and the pipe light bring a sense of industrial aesthetic to any home.

between the cracks

'Between the cracks'

Between the cracks began as an exploration into the predominantly derelict district of Ancoats in Manchester. Exploring the area gave me a new fascination in the hidden beauty that surrounds us but is very rarely seen. Every day we pass by images of sheer beauty but do not notice. Here I looked beyond the cracks at the treasures hidden within.


I began to look at the connections between waste and destruction. I decided to try and fight the negative connotations associated with ageing and deterioration by showing the value that can still be found within. I used gold leaf on slip cast dishes and jewellery. The slip ware is fragile and represent the fragile state of humanity and all that surrounds us. The gold leaf cracks represent the wealth of beauty that holds us together, is hidden under a mask of decay and brings hope into a world where hope can often be seen as lost.

I have explored the hidden histories, the lives that have been forgotten and the stories that are left untold. The cracks in my pieces should encourage the buyer to question what beauty really is and look closer at the world around them. At this time of year when everyone becomes so wound up trying to make everything perfect for just one day, I believe it is important to be reminded to step back and take a look at the beauty that is already there, appreciate what surrounds them, pay attention to history and really appreciate the little things in life.